Apollo 3D Icon

A 3d render of my own version of the Apollo app icon.

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Apollo 3D Icon

About this Project

Apollo is an iOS client application for Reddit. I love this app and use it everyday as such I thought of making it as the subject of this project. 

This is a personal project using a new software called Spline which was released in 2020. It is a software for creating 3D designs that can be used in your website or in your publication materials. 

Moreover, below is my inspiration of my own version of the Apollo icon. It is a common for fans of the popular app to create custom icons.

I then proceeded to imagine what it would look like in three dimension. My idea is to have more freedom to the colors that is why I implemented a colorful background. I also made the visor of the subject of the icon to have a hollow inside making it feel that it's an inflatable or that it has air inside. Finally, the spheres around the icon fill up the empty space and livens up the environment.

Technical Sheet

Here is the technology that I got involved with in this project:

  • Spline